Short Films

Below are a two of my own short films.

I wrote, produced, directed, and edited this short film for my Digital Field Production class at Asbury. Through this project, I hoped to communicate the idea that everyone is beautiful, regardless of their past or current situation. Being able to recognize the beauty that one holds within is a step to achieving true happiness.

Creating this film was quite the undertaking and challenges arose that I had never experienced before. However, because of these challenges, I learned much and was able to grow as a producer and director. I am thankful to have had a wonderful crew who spent their time, brain-power, and resources to contribute to the creation of this film. Enjoy!

The following project was created for my Faith, Media, and Calling class. This is one of three videos that were featured on a website that we created. The video was shot and edited by myself, however the script was written by Kat White and the voiceover was done by Scott Kulaga.

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