54: A Photography Show

For our final for Photography III, we were instructed to create 4 images around a theme of our choosing to include in a final show, entitled “54.”. Below is my artist’s statement describing my images.

The fear of being judged will often hinder us from speaking our minds and sharing our opinions. Apprehension seals our lips as we stand back and observe the views of others around us, hiding. However, throughout the waiting, we must be careful not to let our beliefs become clouded, lest we lose sight of what we value most. For this collection of images, I drew inspiration from photographers James Chororos and Kyle Thompson. The subject matter of their images, though differing dramatically, highlights a tension between the subject and his or her environment, ultimately creating poignant and thought provoking images. Thus, throughout the semester, I have attempted to convey a delicate tension in many of my images, which has led me to have a deeper connection with my own photographic work.


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