Christmas Adventures

Wow, it’s been a while hasn’t it? I really need to work on this blogging thing…

To kick off the much-welcomed Christmas break after a long and stressful semester of school, I hosted a Christmas brunch. I can’t decide which aspect of hosting parties I enjoy more – decorating, making the assortment of food, or sitting around the table and enjoying it all with friends. This year, I brought back the honey sriracha toasts (a favorite among my friend group) and welcomed an assortment of other treats including blueberry and pomegranate parfaits with homemade cranberry orange granola, croissants, cranberry, pecan, and feta salad, mini frittatas, coffee, and virgin mimosas. Being that my house lacks an actual fireplace, I turned to Netflix to provide the (faux) warmth while Spotify supplied the jazzy Christmas music. My heart was full as my friends and I chatted about the semester while nibbling on the yummy food.



IMG_9436 copy




IMG_9446 copy


IMG_9444 copy

IMG_9447 copy

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