A Little Christmas Tea

Sometimes I’m like my mother – especially when it comes to loving all things tea related. After the roaring success of my Christmas party last year (well, it was a roaring success in my eyes…) I decided to play host again this year. But, instead of the usual casual gathering accompanied by an assortment of Christmas cookies and hot chocolate, I decided to try a tea party. And boy, was it a good decision. The menu consisted of Earl Grey tea, cucumber sandwiches, sugared cranberry tea cake, water crackers with cream cheese and red pepper jelly, honey sriracha chicken toasts, and of course, scones with homemade whipped cream. We all had the most wonderful time catching up while sipping tea from my¬†grandmother’s dainty tea cups, and it was most definitely an event I wish to repeat in the future.

IMG_9071 copy

IMG_9049 copy

IMG_9076 copy

IMG_9077 copy

IMG_9079 copy

IMG_9081 copy

IMG_9082 copy

IMG_9083 copy

IMG_9086 copy

IMG_9087 copy

IMG_9092 copy

IMG_9093 copy

IMG_9094 copy

IMG_9096 copy

IMG_9115 copy

IMG_9124 copy

Photo cred for this one goes to Paige:

IMG_9140 copy

IMG_9151 copy

IMG_9110 copy

IMG_9097 copy

IMG_9098 copy

IMG_9105 copy

IMG_9107 copy

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