Rebecca + Brandon: Prom

Now, I don’t often discuss the details concerning how these photographs are captured, but this first photo has a very interesting story behind it. This was the first CLIENT photo that I took using the Brenizer method. I was a little nervous about this, since the image will NOT turn out very pretty in Photoshop if everything is not manually adjusted. However, in my humble opinion, I think it turned out okay, even though the Photoshop process took several hours. I had to remove people in the background (as a general rule, steer clear of public parks on the evening of a dance because it’s pretty chaotic), create new grass in places, and completely reconstruct part of the bridge.  While this was all very tiring to do, I did enjoy it, and I hope to improve with even more practice.


DSC05172 copybw

DSC05104 copy

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